Trip #17 May 23 to June 9 2017 Horizon City, TX to Brentwood NY. Winnebago Transmission not working got tow into Automotive Service West Whitehouse NJ. Took week to fix stood by nephew  cost to fix Transmission $ 4050.00 tow cost $510.00  stayed in Stayed in county parks Blydenburgh Park, Southaven Park, Cathedral Pines Park until Oct 18 2017

Trip #18 Oct 18 to Oct 23 2017 Brentwood NY to El Paso TX. The trip took 5 days, and about 2228 miles and 322 Gallons of gas. Trip went fine stood in El Paso Trip cost $820.00 

3-25-2019 All ready to leave Quartzsite AZ Click on the pictures to Enlarge