Trip #12 May 3 to June 6 2016 El Paso TX TO NORWICH NY Stay B&D RV CAMP NORWICH NY. The trip took 4 days, and about 2191 miles and 394 Gallons of gas. Trip went fine Trip cost $1212. Plus stayover cost Stay in Norwich NY until June 6 2016 Great trip!

Trip #13 June 6 to Oct 6 2016 Norwich NY to Brentwood NY Trip cost $111.00. Stayed in county parks Blydenburgh Park, Southaven Park, Cathedral Pines Park until Oct 6 2016 Stay over cost $1395.00 Had damage done to RV at Southaven Park INSURANCE Cost $12,400.00 to fix.

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Trip #14 Oct 6 to Oct 12 2016 TRIP LONG ISLAND NY TO Brooklawn, NJ Trip cost $119.00. Stayed in Brooklawn, NJ until Oct 11 2016

Trip #15 Oct 12 to Oct 19 2016 Brooklawn, NJ TO Chesapeake, VIRGINIA to visit with my son Kenneth and family. Stayed in CHESAPEAKE CAMPGROUNDS VA Stayed in Chesapeake, VIRGINIA until Oct 19 2016 Trip cost $455.00

Trip #16 Oct 19 to Oct 28 2016 Chesapeake, VIRGINIA  TO Horizon City, TX  RED RIVER TRUCK STOP TIRE BROKEN HUBS ON MAINTENANC WINNEBAGO cost $937.00 stayed in El Paso TX until May 23 2017,Trip cost $455.00

3-25-2019 All ready to leave Quartzsite AZ Click on the pictures to Enlarge